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The best thing for the inside of a man is the outside of a horse.... or a motorcycle...


About Chuck Heinold



​​​​Chuck Heinold is the son of a US soldier and was born on an American army base in Germany.  Chuck started playing guitar at 12 within three years was playing with "The Illusions" , a band  of Army brats in Augsburg Germany who's self produced song "IT"S AN ILLUSION" became a hit on AFN Radio  in Europe.  Chuck's family then left Germany and moved to Tacoma WA where Chuck at 17 was a founding member of Legendary band "Muf" (Brownskin, Dunhill) who's popularity in the Pacific Northwest found them on the same shows as THE DOORS, Led Zeppelin, Ike & Tina Turner, The GRATEFUL DEAD, The YOUNGBLOODS, JEFFERSON STARSHIP, Country Joe, IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY and more. 

​At 21 after a musical four year whirwind Chuck went back to college and was playing in a bar band at Seattle's top nightclub "Pier 70" when he was approached by and asked to join California Horn Band SOUP. He  left Seattle three days later and for the next decade played bass with a number of well known bands from  SOUP, to San Francisco's  SYNERGY to  LA's SHAKEE JAKE (Geffen), and L.A. 80s rockers GIGOLO.  In 1989 Chuck made the decision to produce and promote live shows, manage acts, and eventually Talent buying for many  venues and events.                               


​Flash forward to 2023 and Chuck is still doing it on a a multi level.

Chuck attribute's his long and successful career to many things but primarly experience, honesty, attention to detail, and probably most importantly, Integrity are his foundation. 

Favorite quote:    "Life is precious. Give as much as you get and you will always be rich".

You can call, text, or email Chuck at 818 398 6624  





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     Chuck's likes

                    Family                          Grey & Willow                        Advanced Diving                                     Flying                                                            Horses                                        Come on and take a  free ride

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