About Chuck Heinold



Chuck Heinold is the son of a US soldier and was born on an American army base in Regensbug Germany.

He travelled the world with his family.  Chuck started playing guitar at age 12 and was a professional bass player at fourteen years old playing with The Illusions who's song "It's an Illusion" on Decca Records was a top 20 hit in Europe.

Chuck's late teenage years saw him playing with Legendary Seattle band "Muf" (Dunhill) and on the same bill with  THE DOORS, The GRATEFUL DEAD, The YOUNGBLOODS, JEFFERSON STARSHIP, IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY and many others. 

After a six year run as a teenage rockstar Chuck went back to college and was playing in a bar band at Seattle's top nightclub "Pier 70" and was approached by and asked to join California Horn band "SOUP".  Chuck left Seattle three days later with SOUP, and for the next seventeen years played bass with in San Francisco's Synergy, LA's Shakee Jake (Geffen), and 80s LA stalwarts, Gigolo. In 1988 Chuck made the move to Producing shows, managing acts, and Talent buying for many venues and events.


Flash forward to 2019 .

Chuck attribute's his long and successful career to Experience, honesty, attention to detail, and most importantly, Integrity"..

Favorite quote:    "I will not book an act that I would not have wanted to play in. . "

Call, text, or email Chuck at  818 398 6624........chtei@cs.com  





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