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    THE MODERN GENTLEMEN                              3 VIDEOS                                                   

Take four classy fantastically talented vocalists whose members have all appeared in Film/TV/Stage as actors and singers on Broadway, as backing vocalists for American Idol and The Voice, and for Universal Studios and The Walt Disney Company and you have the Modern Gentlemen.


Who are the Modern Gentlemen?  They've wowed audiences all over the world singing with many stars and appearing recently on the PBS special “A Capitol Fourth” along with Frankie Valli, Michael McDonald, and Patti Labelle. They have appeared in concert with Tony Bennett, The Manhattan Transfer, Paul Anka, The Beach Boys, Jay Leno and many more.

The Modern gentlemen present a program of Four Seasons songs along with many other artists while bringing endless energy and vocal triumph to the classic sounds of yesterday. Mix these with a unique blend, and you have a vocal result that will keep listeners enthralled and wanting more!

I              The Modern Gentleman Live                               MG  Solo Live Norwegian Crusise lines                                     The Modern Gentlemen                                 "                      "Sherry"                                                                           3 Songs                                                                     WA DC July 4TH 2014


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